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Friday, January 25, 2013

YOU owez had a place in my HEART

u 0wez had a place in my heart
it was there jst 4 u
n0 length 0f time went past
tht i did n0t think 0f u
i 0wez prayed n wished
tht s0meday we w0uld meet
n tht little spark w0uld be relit
the time did c0me when that spark was lit
n th0ught this c0uld be it
till nature blew a gust 0f wind
n blew it 0ut
i d0n't kn0w why it happened
i cann0t w0rk it 0ut
i wanted t0 kn0w u s0 much
maybe it was n0t meant t0 be
i will still meet u
0ne day up ab0ve
until then, i believe u are watching 0ver us
s0 till the time c0mes
i want u t0 rest in piece
think 0f me n remember
i am pr0ud t0 be a part 0f u 

Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^


  1. Hai!Jom join GA GEMPAK NI!

  2. hai.. already follow blog ni :-)
    jike kelapangan sudi la singgah ke sini ye :-)

    1. tq sbb sudi f0l0 bl0g ne..nntikn plak knjungn dr sa k :)