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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Power of Painting vs ART is Never a Luxury

The power of PAINTING has to c0me fr0m the inside 0ut, n0t the 0utside in. It's n0t just an image. It's an image with a b0dy and that b0dy has t0 c0ntain its spirit. A Painting, really is made by its reas0n f0r being there. What's behind it decides everything. I's n0t just a questi0n 0f attractiveness 0r c0rrectness. It can't be fixed afterwards 0r by additi0ns. H0w it starts will define h0w it ends. So, it's the weight 0f the intenti0n that defines everything.

Life has an inside as well as an 0utside. Consumer culture directs all res0urces and attenti0n t0 life 0n the 0utside. What happens t0 the inner life? Art is never a luxury bc0z it stimulates and resp0nds t0 the inner life. We are badly 0ut 0f balance. I d0n't think 0f art/creativity as a substitute f0r anything else. I see it as a p0werful expressi0n 0f 0ur humanity and 0n the side 0f humanity under threat. If we say art is a luxury, we might as well say that being human is a luxury!
Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^

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