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Friday, January 4, 2013

~t0day~ ^_^

t0day is 0wez t0day
f0r there is n0 yesterday 0r t0m0rr0w
live each t0day t0 the fullest
in f0rgiveness, gratitude n wisd0m
wisd0m t0 kn0w u r n0t 0wez right
wisd0m t0 understand th0se with0ut it
wisd0m t0 fill y0ur t0day with experience

feel the j0y 0f t0day
kn0w it will be w0nderful n0 matter what
understand t0day f0r the gl0ry it brings
feel n0 hate as it is a waste 0f time
feel gl0ry in all t0day is bringing
this is y0ur day..t0day

when y0u g0 t0 sleep n y0u wake t0 a new m0rning
it will still be t0day
thank g0d f0r giving y0u a sec0nd chance
t0 make t0day gl0ri0us

Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^

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