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Monday, January 21, 2013

me the PAINTER~experiment

just experiment.. ^_^ 0ll b0ut 0rigami (lipatan)

i keep my paint brush wif me wherever i may go in case i need t0 c0ver up
s0, the real me d0esn't sh0w
i'm s0 afraid t0 sh0w u me
afraid 0f what y0u'll d0 that might laugh 0r say mean things
i'm afraid i might l0se u
i'd like t0 rem0ve all my paint c0asts t0 sh0w u the real me, true me
but i want u t0 understand
i need u t0 accept what u see
s0, if y0u'll be patient n cl0se ur eyes, i'll strip 0ff all 0f my c0asts real sl0w
plez understand h0w much it hurts t0 let the real me sh0w
n0w my c0asts are all stripped 0ff
i feel naked, bare n c0ld n if u still luv me wif all that u see
u are my frenz, pure as g0ld
i need t0 save my paint brush, th0ugh n h0ld it in my hand
i want t0 keep it handy in case s0meb0dy d0esn't understand
s0 plez pr0tect me my dear frenz n tenkz f0r l0ving me true
but plez let me keep my paint brush wif me
until I LUV ME too...

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