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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I will write YOU a Picture

i'll write u a picture wif my palette 0f w0rds
i'll mix u and i'll mingle the n0uns and the verbs
i'll paint u a st0ry wif my writer's pen
a blank canvas 0f imaginati0n has n0 beginning 0r end
i'll sh0w u the w0rld in c0l0urful letters
i'll write u a picture wif c0mmas and feathers
a dash 0f whimsy, a t0uch 0f black ink
a str0ke 0f gray graphite mixed up wif a wink
all the c0l0rs 0f dreams painted wif verbs
my pen is the paintbrush, my paint is the w0rds
of pink paper p0ppy and flight 0f black bird
i'll paint u a st0ry y0u've never quite heard...

Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^


  1. mmmm nk lukis gmbar ape dlm mimpi nnti yer :p

    1. lukis dunia tnpa sempadan..ibarat di awangn..imaginasi yg x pnh luntur wlau dhempas 0mbak badai..hahaha. yg pntg break the rules..heee

  2. is this a quotes, i dont understand..:)hehe..nice writing..:)

    1. heee..yeapp. diz is a qu0te. s0e if u cn't undrstnd it. jst a smple writing :)