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Saturday, September 17, 2011

sEduciNg mr.rigHt??

i prayed u wouldn't cry bc0z 0f me. if i see the falling tears, i cn't leave. i cn't let u g0. but bc0z the rain was falling it was really 0k bc0z i couldn't see ur tears. it was 0k, i c0uldn't h0ld u bck bc0z the rain tht c0uld erase the paintful mem0ries in ur heart was falling d0wn. bc0z ur heart was crying, bc0z the rain was falling. bc0z i luv u, i c0uldn't h0ld u bck t0 embrace the sadness in ur clear n gntle life.

my luv bl0ngs t0 tht pers0n AL0NE. tht pers0n is the 0nly one i luv. tht pers0n is the 0nly 0ne wh0 lulls my heart t0 sleep. like a f00l. i've finally figured it 0ut. tht it keeps calling f0r tht pers0n bc0z i cn't live with0ut tht pers0n in my life.

it makes no sense with0ut even kn0wing i'm seeing 0nly u..even th0ugh i try to hate y0u, th0ugh i try s0 hard. i jst cn't hide it. i sh0uldn't but i keep wanting. sh0uld i tell u i've fallen f0r u? even when i dream, it's 0nly u. i kn0w it makes n0 sense, but i luv u.

like a f00l, why didn't i kn0w? like a f00l, why did i let u g0? like a f00l, in my sl0w crying heart. 0nly n0w i realize tht my luv is 0nly u. tht it's jst u, tht u're my 0nly pers0n. tht it's jst u, tht 0nly u fill my heart.
Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^

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