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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Art of Lomography

Lomography is an unusual form of photography full of artistic flair.

What are lomographs?

Lomography technically started in 1982, when production of the "Lomo" Kompakt Automat started in Saint Petersburg. However, the foundations for the modern lomographic movement and cult following began in earnest ten years later, when two Viennese students founded the Lomographic Society International.

The basic premise of the original lomo camera was purely keep it simple. Although a number different types of lomo cameras are on the market, none introduce more than one or two features to the core design. Lomos produce distinctive, almost experimental designs; images are often affected by vignetting – dark corners, uneven color distribution, in the case of the multiple lens models, light bleed. These unorthodox results have led the lomographs to be called "toy cameras", even though the cameras are well built and some artists are very serious in use of the lomo.
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