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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Painter

Sitting between the sea n the buildings
she enjoyed painting the sea's portrait
but just as children imagine a prayer
is merely silence
she expected her subject
to rush up the sand n seizing a brush
plaster its own portrait on the canvas

so there was never any paint on her canvas
until the people who lived in the buildings
put her to work: "try using the brush 
as a means to an end
select for a portrait
something less angry n large n more subject
to a painter's moods or perhaps to a prayer"

how could she explain to them her prayer
that nature not art
might usurp the canvas?
she chose her husband for a new subject
making his vast like ruined buildings
as if, forgetting itself, the portrait
had expressed itself without a brush

slightly encouraged she dipped her brush
in the sea, murmuring a heartfelt prayer:
"my soul when i paint this next portrait
let it be you who wrecks the canvas"
the news spread like wildfire through the buildings
she had gone back to the sea for her subject

imagine a painter crucified by her subject!
too exhausted even to lift her brush
she provoked some artists leaning from the buildings
to malicious mirth: "we haven't a prayer
now, of putting ourselves on canvas,
or getting the sea to sit for a portrait!"

others declared it a self-portrait
finally all indications of a subject
began to fade 
leaving the canvas
perfectly white
she put down the brush
at once a howl, that was also a prayer
arose from the overcrowded buildings

they tossed her
the portrait, from the tallest of the buildings
and the sea devoured the canvas n the brush
as though her subject had decided to remain a prayer

Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^

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