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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Since when did it 0ll begin?
You were always in my heart
even a little smile fr0m y0u
makes me really excited...
as if it's always been waiting f0r me,
this is fate like l0ve

it is y0u...
i can feel it
y0u are my l0ve
y0u're just like a c0tt0n candy
melting my heart every day

y0u're just like a sparkling rainb0w
sh0oting int0 my heart with y0ur sweet v0ice,
0nly say this t0 me..alrght?
that als0 fr0m the start y0ur heart,
everyday...l0ving me
i l0ve y0u..just be my l0ve

but n0w...
i stand up
i want t0 start again
f0rgetting ab0ut yesterday
i will d0 f0r t0m0rr0w
say g0odbye t0 the days that were l0st

i have this beating heart t0 give me strength
t0wards t0m0rr0w...t0wards my dream
i sprint f0rward

it will be like this,
i will f0rget y0u starting fr0m t0day
y0u will be a pers0n that i d0 n0t kn0w
just like a pers0n that i have n0t seen even if we meet on the streets,
0ur paths have nver cr0ssed

i am alrght
i've already f0rg0tten
i am happy in my busy w0rld
i have meet a g0od pers0n
l0ve is always like this as it gr0ws weaker and weaker
it will sl0wly be f0rg0ten

speaking 0f l0ve,
an0ther l0ve will c0me surely will
even th0ugh it hurts n0w,
as time passes,
the w0unds will heal
it will be like this..
it will f0rget y0u and i will t0o...
Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^

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