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Thursday, June 2, 2011

ab0ut me u sh0uLd kn0w!!!

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║(O)║♥ flow ♥
- miRz arNiesyz  -
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♥l0ve JesusChrist s0 mUx♥

I am me..ArNiesyz QueshEira
in all the world..there is no one else exactly like me
evrythg that cmes out of me is authentically mine..
bcause... i alone choose it
i own evrthg bout me
my voice..all my actions
whether they be to others or myself
i own my fears
i own my triumphs and successes
all my failures n mistakes
bcause i own all of me
i can bcome intimately acquainted with me
by so doing..
i can love me n be friendly with all my parts
i know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me
each other aspects that i do not know..
but as long as i am friendly n loving to myself
i can courageously n hopefully look for solutions
to the puzzles n ways to find out more about me
however i look n sound..
whatever i say n do..
n whatever i think n feel at a gven moment
in time is authentically me..
if later some parts of how i looked..sounded..thought n felt turn out to be unfitting
i can discard that which is unfitting
keep the rest n invent smething new for that
which i discarded..
i can see..hear..feel..say..n do
i hve the tools to survive
to be close to others
to be productive..
n to make sense n order out of the world
of people n things outside of me
i own me..n therefore
i can engineer me
i am me..
Quesheira Sayang k0rang ^_^

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